Why We Love to Mediate

At the Gregory Law Firm, we strive to help people and businesses and resolve disputes without destroying relationships, harming children, or losing valuable assets. We don’t just build bridges. We are the bridge. Do you need a Divorce Mediator, a Civil Mediator, or an Arbitrator? We can help! Mediation, unlike arbitration or lawsuits in court, offers parties the ability to resolve their dispute on their own terms. Mr. Gregory has served as a mediator since 1995 and has mediated domestic relations matters, including child custody and child support, employment cases for the EEOC, and cases filed in federal court. 

Here are the top five reasons we love to mediate at the Gregory Law Firm:

  1. By acting as a mediator, Mr. Gregory can use almost 30 years of litigation experience to work toward the mutual good of the parties.
  2. The parties can lean on Mr. Gregory’s extensive experience to help the parties and their attorneys come up with creative solutions.
  3. Both parties will feel heard and respected because two of Mr. Gregory’s strengths as a mediator are empathy and listening. 
  4. In mediation, the parties almost always leave happier than when they arrived. By contrast, the time, cost, acrimony, and uncertainty involved in lengthy litigation and trial often result in neither party being pleased with the outcome.
  5. It is exactly because Mr. Gregory is an experienced litigator and mediator that he can help you settle your case without the insecurity, stress, and expense of a trial. It makes sense to have a say in a decision that you must live with the rest of your life, rather than letting a perfect stranger (the judge or a jury) make it for you.

If you’d like to talk to us more about how we can help mediate your case, speak with your lawyer if you are represented, or contact the Gregory Law Firm today 205-880-1458

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