Holiday Estate Planning Discussions

Discussing estate planning with your family during the holidays can be a sensitive but important conversation. Think of it as setting the stage for a future where everyone’s on the same page. Here are three tips to help make it a productive and positive experience:

1. Choose the Right Moment: The holiday season often brings families together in a relaxed setting, but it’s crucial to pick the right time for serious discussions. Avoid starting this conversation during actual holiday festivities or family events. Instead, choose a quiet, calm moment, perhaps after a meal or when everyone is gathered casually, to ensure that everyone is in the right mindset.

2. Be Open and Honest: Start the conversation with your own thoughts and feelings about estate planning. Explain why you believe it’s important and how it can benefit the entire family. Being open about your intentions and concerns can encourage others to share their thoughts and feelings.

3. Listen and Address Concerns: Estate planning can bring up a number of emotions and questions. Listen actively to your family members’ concerns and questions. Some may have misconceptions about what estate planning entails, while others might have specific worries. Address these concerns directly, and if you don’t have all the answers, we can help!

Remember, the goal of this conversation is not to finalize decisions but to start a dialogue that encourages family members to think about and participate in the estate planning process.

We can help make the estate planning process a bit easier. Start by booking a Peace of Mind Planning Session (“POMPS”). We can meet in person or via Zoom. You’ll fill out a questionnaire, and we’ll go over your options and our packages and flat fees. Mention this email, and we’ll waive the $350 session fee. BOOK YOUR POMPS HERE ON THE WEBSITE WITH CALENDLY!


Happy Holidays!
Steven P. Gregory

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