The dual meaning of the word “resolution” perfectly illustrates the character and intentions of Steven Gregory and the Gregory Law Firm. Mr. Gregory resolves to see every matter through to its conclusion and to achieve a satisfactory result for his client. Concurrently, he strives to reach resolutions: Resolutions for lawyers and unrepresented parties who need a mediator; resolutions for parties whom Mr. Gregory serves as an arbitrator.

Clients (see client endorsements here) come to lawyers to try to find a means to resolve a conflict, a disagreement, some difficulty in their lives: dissolving a marriage, recovering funds lost in a business or securities transaction. Early in his career, Mr. Gregory saw the use of mediation and arbitration gather momentum in legal practice. At that time, these processes were called “alternative” dispute resolution. Today, Mr. Gregory no longer refers to arbitration, mediation, and collaborative law as “alternatives.” In terms of number of matters resolved, these processes may now outnumber traditional courtroom litigation. The “alternative” processes have become mainstream. Along with litigation, these processes offer an outcome only a civil society can provide: peaceful resolution.

Resolution. It’s the heart and soul of our law practice.

Disruptive Resolution™️

disruptive: adjective; radically altering a field of human endeavor through implementing new processes or technologies
resolution: noun; a firm decision to act; the quality of being determined; The end result of the process of solving a problem, dispute, or disagreement.

adverb: resolute*; determined; undeterred; der. Latin “resolvere,” to loosen or release.

*See HMS Resolute (1850), Arctic exploration ship of the British Royal Navy. One of three desks commissioned from the timbers of HMS Resolute, known as the Resolute Desk, has been used in the Oval Office by every President except Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Gerald Ford since it was given to the United States in 1880.

The image above, which is in the public domain, is a representation of the ship’s crest of the HMS Resolution, a British nuclear ballistic missile submarine commissioned on February 15, 1968.

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