Mediation for Small Businesses

Small business owners going through conflicts with employees, customers, vendors, or other businesses, may benefit by turning to mediation to resolve these conflicts rather than litigation. Time and money are precious commodities to the owners of small businesses, and they may not want to expend those resources in court appearances and litigation expenses. While some disputes have to be litigated, mediation represents a compelling option for small business owners.

Compromise With Other Party
Mediation, unlike arbitration or lawsuits in court, offers parties the ability to resolve their dispute on their own terms. Mediation is a process wherein a neutral outsider, the mediator, assists the parties in negotiating their own resolution. Because the agreement is made together, it’s more likely that both parties will be able to keep it, and if future conflicts arise, the parties may be able to use their experience with mediation to resolve those as well.

Virtual Mediation
Traditionally, mediation has occurred in person. At times, however, meeting face-to-face may be difficult or impossible because of the distance between the parties or employment or childcare responsibilities. Sometimes, the conflict may be so intense that a meeting of the parties in the same space may not be feasible. In such cases, parties may want to consider online mediation or virtual mediation. At the Gregory Law Firm, Mr. Gregory is able to mediate via telephone, Skype, or other video or teleconference services no matter where the parties are located.

Cost of Mediation
Often, mediation is less expensive than other options considering that the cost of the mediator is split with the other party. At The Gregory Law Firm, the standard fee is $250 per hour. Mr. Gregory can reserve conference rooms in one of the five Regus meeting facilities in Birmingham, or will mediate at the offices of counsel or a neutral law firm site. Mr. Gregory is willing to travel anywhere for mediation or arbitration, and he does not charge for travel time unless that time is also utilized for preparation.

If you’d like to talk to us more about how we can help mediate your case, speak with your lawyer if you are represented, or contact the Gregory Law Firm today (205) 314-4874.

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